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For my Art, Design and 3D class I had to create a character (including her backstory, her mentality and her character design) and use the Wombat as inspiration.

The wombat is a nocturnal australian marsupial who’s tiny, round and very territorial. It can run up to 40km/h if threatened and can be very agressive towards its ennemies and rivals, using his long claws and butt made of cartilage to fight.

This led to the creation of Tilly, the lead of one of the main gangs in Australia. You don’t see her much, working in the shadows, but she won’t hesitate to fight back and get her hands dirty if needed to protect her business and territory. She’s strong willed, independent, can be cruel at times and won’t be sorry for any of it.

I named her Tilly Leigh in reference to Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, the « Queens of the Sydney Underworld » in the 20s that I discovered while doing my research. You can learn more about them here.